No matter what your personal decorating style is, it's possible to change the whole look of a room by updating its window treatments. Whether you're going from drab, outdated curtains to modern new blinds or from dingy blinds to gorgeous shutters, you are sure to be amazed by how much your space is altered! This particular guide was written for individuals who are interested in purchasing interior shutters, or plantation shutters, as they are more commonly called.


Plantation shutters at have their origins in the American South and the Caribbean Islands. These shutters are installed on the inside of a window and feature louvers that can be opened or closed depending upon occupants' needs. The louvers allow for privacy even when they are open to allow for a breeze to enter a room.


Figure Out What Style You Want to Buy


All interior shutters at are essentially the same, but the finishes and styles can be quite different. A set of plantation shutters that is made out of pine wood, then painted white, for instance, might be at home in a coastal house, whereas a set crafted from dark walnut would look better in a formal space. Before you start looking at interior shutter options, you should have at least a basic idea of what you want in your home. This will allow you to more easily narrow down your choices.


Consider What Your Budget Is


As you start shopping for interior shutters, you will realize that some of these products are not cheap. Many plantation shutters, actually, are quite costly. You should figure out a budget for your window treatment project before you begin doing any serious browsing. This way, you won't find yourself looking at shutters that are far too expensive for you to buy. If, for instance, you can't afford any shutters that cost more than one hundred dollars per panel, there's no point in looking at options that start at five hundred dollars per panel. If you want to learn more about window shutters, you can visit


Account For the Size of Your Windows


Plantation shutters went rather out of style for awhile, but they have recently enjoyed something of a surge in popularity. Today's interior shutters, though, are made for standard sized windows in houses that are relatively new. If you happen to reside in a historic house, you may need to have your shutters custom made to suit the sizes of your windows, which may be larger or smaller than today's norm.